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Product and Advertisement Photography


Gold nuggets and hundred dollar bill
Real Bearing Seal Gold nuggets. 

A friend of mine who travels from Flagstaff AZ to Alaska in search of gold, brought over these nuggets found on the ocean floor of the Bearing Sea. 

I used a white background and bounced two remote flashes to achieve the proper lighting in this photograph.

I could also produce a very similar lighting effect with large studio soft-boxes, but a bounced flash can be even more diffused.


Stock Photography

Stock photos like the ones on this page were taken by me for use in magazines, advertisements and web page design.  

For example the stock photo below of the Bible might be used for a Christian or Jewish website

or for a magazine article about the Dead Sea Scrolls or any number of other bible related publications.

Picture of the Hebrew Bible open to a book of the Torah
Hebrew Bible open to the book of Exodus.

I made this photograph using a piece of black display board under the bible

and placing a remote flash on a small stand near the top of the book.


Fire and Stars
Fire and Stars - Flagstaff AZ.  One of the unfortunate results of Jpeg compression is the loss of details in star photographs. 

The uncompressed version of this photo shows more detail in the sky.  This photo was taken on a clear night in Flagstaff AZ at 7000' above sea level.

Northern Arizona is one of the best places in the world for star photography due to clean air and high-elevation. 


Piano keys.  A stock photo by Mark S Haughwout
Piano Keys.  This is another example of my stock photography work. 

Such images are highly edited to remove any dust, distracting backgrounds and copyright-able material.

Actually this piano is older and the keys have a lot of damage and wear, but I was able to "repair" them in Photoshop.


Rock Climbing cams on a white background.  A stock photo by Mark S Haughwout
Climbing cams. I photographed these rock climbing cams in my studio.

I then edited the photo to adjust the white point so that the edges of the picture would be pure white.

Notice how the photo blends seamlessly with the white background on this web-page.

I used a seamless white background on my photography table to get this effect.



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