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Real Estate Photography


I provide Real Estate Photography for Flagstaff, Sedona, Phoenix and all of Arizona.


Residential Real Estate Photography

Residential real estate photography services include interior and exterior wide angle shots. 

Lighting is critical for a good presentation of the property to prospective buyers. 

As such, I am able to provide lighting via multiple remote flashes and/or set lighting. 

Exterior of a luxury home in Sedona


For interior real estate photography, I shoot using a professional digital camera that provides a high level of dynamic range.

This allows me to produce proper exposure inside the home while maintaining the exposure of the blue skies and red rocks seen through the windows.


Luxury home living room in Sedona AZ


In the photo above I edited so as to have proper exposure in all areas of the picture.

I will also shoot in HDR when needed.  However by using the latest cameras and professional lenses, I am able to produce High Dynamic Range photos with just one shot instead of the usual three or more.


Sedona living room - real estate photography sample.


In these two photos I took three exposures of each view and edited them together to be an HDR in order to get propre exposure of the darker interior and brighter exterior.


Red Rocks seen through a living room window in Sedona


I use the latest equipment and software to capture and edit outstanding quality real estate photos.


Basement living room - real estate photo sample

This Flagstaff studio apartment was photographed using a wide angle lens.  No flash was used in this photograph. 

Rather the natural light from the windows supplemented by the lamps in the room provides for nice even lighting. 

 I edited the photograph in Photoshop, to bring out the dark areas in the cabinets and pillows.


Flagstaff kitchen real estate photo

The residential real estate photo example above was taken with a super-wide angle lens.  Notice the ample natural light in this photo as well as the lack of clutter in the picture.

The seller can help prepare their home before I arrive by removing clutter, opening blinds and simplifying their furnishings. 


Professional photo of a home for sale in Sedona AZ

The exterior photo of this home for sale in Sedona Arizona highlights the gorgeous pool in th side yard.
A professional photographer knows the best angles and lighting to capture the best features of your home.


Professional real estate photos attract more attention to your home, thus increasing the number of showings and the potential for a higher sale price.


Commercial Real Estate Photography


A medical building photographed by Mark Haughwout

My commercial real estate photography clients have hired me to shoot many types of buildings and properties throughout Arizona. 

I have been hired to photograph everything from medical buildings to office complexes to apartment buildings to industrial warehouses. 


My commercial real estate photography includes detailed photographs of the exterior of the building. 

Often, prospective buyers or renters are located in a different city and rely upon the quality photographs I take to make the decision to further invest in the property. 

In addition to taking the wide angle photographs, I edit the photographs to correct the perspective distortions caused by wide angle lenses. 

I also edit high-contrast photos to bring out the shadows and balance the lighting.


Architectural Photography

Architectural photography differs from real estate photography in clientele and purpose. 

Architectural photography projects are usually aimed towards inclusion in framed art, magazine advertisements or articles, and historical preservation and documentation.


Editing Perspective for Wide Angle Lenses

Below are two versions of the same photograph of the Old Courthouse in Flagstaff Arizona. 

The first is the unedited version.  The second photo was edited in Photoshop CS6 to correct perspective and to remove bad pixels. 

Additionally I removed the two people, the bicycle and backpack and some trash on the lawn. 

The bottom photo was also edited using the Shadow and Highlights tool in Photoshop in order to brighten the dark areas and to darken the light areas (such as the sky). 

Finally the bottom photo was sharpened using the UnSharp Mask tool in Photoshop.  The sharpening can only be appreciated in with the full-size image, rather than the compressed for web images below.

Unedited picture of the Flagstaff Courthouse

Edited picture of the Flagstaff Courthouse

Several problems can occur when editing a photo so heavily in Photoshop.  The first is the photo can begin to look fake or even surreal. 

The second is the lighting can begin to be too "flat".  Finally, overuse of the Perspective tool can cause the vertical and horizontal lines to seem unnatural. 

This snapshot of the courthouse was taken with a Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT with the lens it came with: a low-end Canon 18.0-55.0 mm.  1/60 sec; f/5.0; ISO 1600. 

This setup contributes to several problems in the photo.  The Canon Rebel is pushed beyond its limits at ISO 1600 causing the photo to become grainy. 

Also by shooting at a relatively wide Aperture (f/5), the photo will not be sharp from front to back. 


Perspective Crop Tool:

Below is a picture I took of San Francisco at night with a wide angle 16mm lens on a Canon 6D. 

The first version of the picture is unedited.  I edited the second version for perspective, which makes the lines straight. 

I then elongated the picute using the transform tool to stretch the buildings back to their original height. 

This is important due to the shortening caused by the Perspective Crop Tool. I also adjusted the second picture for brightness (less), contrast (more) and shaprening (more). 

Picture of San Francisco at night with a wide angle lens and no perspective cropping

Picture of San Francisco at night after being corrected for perspective with the Photoshop CS6 Perspective crop tool
In this picture you can also see short star trails due to the 30 second exposure.

I didn't have my tripod with me so I set the camera on the edge of the roof and balanced the lens on top of my finger.

I used the 2 second timer to avoid the minor shake caused by pushing the button.

There was still a little blur in the picture due to the minor movements of my finger during the 30 seconds the shutter was open.

The perspective crop tool can do wonders for staightening vertical lines. 

The moon in the second version of the picture is enlagred as a result of the perspective cropping, which was perfomed on the top edge of the photo. 



Commercial Photography


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