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Portrait Photography and Headshots

Here are a few samples of my portrait and headshot photography work.  I prefer to shoot portraits, beauty shots, and headshots with

a long focal length lens.  A longer lens creates a more flattering look by compressing the image. 

I typically photograph portraits with at least a 70mm lens, though I prefer 100mm or longer.


Outdoor Portraits

I prefer to photograph portraits in natural light.  The soft light that happens at sunset provides beautiful lighting for portraits. 
Several of the outdoor portraits featured on this page were shot with no fill-flash.  However, for backlit portraits I typically use a powerful flash with a diffuser.

For my studio portrait work I work with Wescott continuos lighting systems. 


Head shots

Today's world is very visual and headshots are becoming increasingly important for all types of professionals.

Headshots should convey a message of professionalism and friendliness. 

Most headshots are tightly cropped, so attention to hair and makeup is critical.

After a headshot photo session, I professionally edit the pictures to bring out the client or model's very best look. 

More and more business people these days are including a professionally photographed headshot on their business cards.

Your image represents your character to your clients - a sloppy photograph will convey the wrong message.

Let me help you convey the right message through your personal image.

A great headshot is a must have for any professional.

hair model Picture of a model posing as a bride stood up on her wedding day Extreme closeup of model Kassie from Flagstaff
A female model at mshpics studio in Flagstaff AZ Las Vegas Performer posing with a record at mshpics photography studio in Flagstaff Arizona Blonde country music singer posing with her guitar on a white seamless backgournd at mshpics photography studio in Flagstaff Arizona
Redhead portrait outdoors hannah sukopova modeling studio phtograph of a dark haired model in a white dress shirt
cowgirl portrait Portrait of a blonde girl in the aspen trees on the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff AZ Portrait of a blonde girl in a white dress in the yellow wildflowers growing near Flagstaff Arizona.  Portrait photo by Mark Haughwout
Navajo Bullrider at the Rodeo George Petit. Jazz musician Portrait of a woman in green sweater at Buffalo Park in Flagstaff Arizona
Pretty hispanic girl from Flagstaff Arizona extreme closeup portrait of a young mexican woman Ashley Anderson at a party in the Hamptons




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