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Information for Models


As a professional photographer I ask my new models to please see this one page PDF:   Your First Modeling Session

If you are interested in building your modeling portfolio, please contact me by email.

Models come in all colors, shapes and sizes.  But they all have good smiles, bright eyes and are well-groomed with minimal acne.

In your email, plesae include the following:

1. - one full length shot (the 'full body shot'). 

2. - one head-shot

3. - the type of modeling you are interested in.

4. - any previous experience (be honest).


I am currently seeking models for outdoor shoots in Sedona

If you are a model in the Sedona/Flagstaff area or an aspiring model, and would like more experience, get in touch!

This is strictly a TFP - "Time-For-Prints" opportunity.  This means you model in exchange for the rights to use the digitial files from the shoot in your portfolio. 

In the old days "prints" meant actual printed photographs, but everything is digital these days and the name just stuck.

You may also see the term TFCD - "Time-For-CD".  Your pics on a CD in exchange for your time modeling.


A female model from Flagstaff Arizona in a studio shoot


I'm always looking for creative shoots.

Got an idea - pitch it to me and let's collaborate on some great images.




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