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A wedding at the Grand Canyon in October at Lipan point


Eloping in the Grand Canyon


A wedding ceremony at Lipan point in the Grand Canyon


Couple at the Grand Canyon holding a sign with the date of their wedding ceremony

A wedding ceremony at Lipan Point in the Grand Canyon about a half hour before sunset.

Sunset picture of a couple that just got married at the Grand Canyon


Many couples travel across the country and even around the world to get married at the Grand Canyon. 

This couple came from the east to elope. They had a close friend act as the minister. 

They also put together their own props to make for some fun pictures - such as the wedding banner above.

Most couples like to get married around sunset.  Typically it is best to arrive at the site 2 hours before the sun sets.

This allows time for pre-ceremony pics, the ceremony and some post-ceremony sunset pictures.


A Japanese couple posing for wedding photos at the Grand Canyon. Photograph by Mark Haughwout at Lipan Point.


Eloping at the Grand Canyon - Photography


Photography by of a couple in their wedding clothes at the Grand Canyon

A Japanese Bride and Groom posing for wedding photos at Lipan point on the south rim of the Grand Canyon

I had the pleasure of photographing this young Japanese couple posing for their wedding photos on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

A young Japanese couple posing for wedding pictures on the south rim of the Grand Canyon at sunset


If you are seeking a Grand Canyon Photographer, you have come to the right site!  I specialize in photographing couples eloping and getting married at the Grand Canyon.

Most couples want to be photographed as the sun is setting over the Grand Canyon. As your photographer, I'll help you pick the best time and place for your pictures.


Redhead and Hispanic man getting married at the Grand Canyon during sunset.  A small wedding ceremony at Lipan Point

Another great sunset for a beautiful bride and groom getting married at the Grand Canyon!


Bride and Groom enjoying a sunset at the Grand Canyon after their wedding

Bride and Groom cutting their wedding cake on the rim of the Grand Canyon

Cutting the wedding cake on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon right at sunset.

A young couple about to get married on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon


Newlyweds holding up their wedding license at the Grand Canyon at LIpan Point


Don't forget to bring your marriage license and to file it before leaving Arizona!



A picture of a couple who just eloped at the Grand Canyon, stainding on the edge

A simple wedding ceremony on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

A young married couple embracing at the Grand Canyon after their wedding Ceremony.  The sun is setting in the background and the river is visible below.


This young couple had a simple ceremony with just a minister, myself (the photographer) and my photography assistant.

As your photographer, I can also help arrange for you a minister if needed.


Elopement photos at the Grand Canyon!

Young eloping couple celebrating their wedding at the Grand Canyon

This good looking young couple traveled all the way from Great Britain to get married at the Grand Canyon.

I photographed there elopement at Lipan Point.


Young couple eloping at the Grand Canyon
This young British couple eloped at the Grand Canyon and hired me to shoot their wedding on the edge! The best part of eloping is there is no pressure to get to the reception.

It's time just to relax and watch the sunset over the Grand Canyon! This was definitely one of my favorite photo shoots!

Newly married couple enjoying the sunset at the Grand Canyon.  Photos by Mark Haughwout

Newlyweds signing their wedding license at the Grand Canyon
The light at sunset at the Grand Canyon is simply amazing for photos, such as this one of the bride and groom signing their wedding license on the edge of the South Rim of the Canyon.



An American Groom and a Thai Bride having their wedding pictures taken at the Grand Canyon, Arizona

This American Groom and his Thai bride make for a beautiful newly married couple.  Posing here for their wedding pictures at the Grand Canyon, Arizona


Newly married couple getting wedding photos taken at Lipan Point in the Grand Canyon Closeup photo of Groom placing the ring on the bride's finger with the Grand Canyon in the backgroundPlacing the wedding ring on the bride's finger at the Grand Canyon Thai bride standing at the Grand Canyon in a traditional Thai wedding dress

Lipan Point at the Grand Canyon has no facilities so if you are planning more than one outfit for your wedding or engagement photographs,

you will need travel 2 1/2 miles to Desert View to change clothes.

This couple brought their own portable changing station to switch between their traditional Thai wedding outfits and their American wedding clothes.

Also be sure to bring hiking shoes/sneakers in order to get out on Lipan Point. The five minute walk cannot be done in heels!


Shoshone Point Wedding Photos:


Young married couple at Shoshone Point on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Photo by Mark Haughwout


Bride and Groom at Shosone point.  Wedding picture by Mark Haughwout wedding couple holding hands on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon at Shoshone Point Bride and groom at Shoshone point looking around the prominent rock on the point.


Shoshone Point is on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and is a great place for a wedding if there are guests. 

At Shoshone point is a covered eating area and a composting toilet.

A permit is required from the park service to rent Shoshone Point for a wedding. (about $325).

The road to Shoshone point is dirt and is about a mile long.  There is parking for about 10 vehicles at the point. Extra vehicles should park at the gate and shuttle the mile to the viewpoint.

Shoshone Point has a great spot for a wedding right on the edge with natural limestone rock that provides good seating for guests.

Shoshone point does not provide a view of the Sunset due to the angle of the bend in the Grand Canyon, however there are great views into the Canyon.

The turn out for Shoshone point is unmarked and there is a gate at the dirt road.  Hikers are allowed past the gate even when the point is reserved.


Sedona Wedding Photography


Wedding party posing for a picture outdoors in Sedona Arizona


Outdoor Wedding Photography in Sedona Arizona


Groomsmen posing for a photo with the groom before his wedding which was outdoors in Sedona AZ

An outdoor Wedding in Sedona ArizonaGetting hitched in Sedona!

Bride and groom raising their hands in celebration of getting married.  Located outdoors in Sedona AZ


I photographed this outdoor wedding in Sedona with Cathedral Rock in the background.  The wedding ceremony was late in the day allowing for good lighting from the west.

There are several options for outdoor wedding locations in Sedona.  This particular wedding was simply on National Forest land. 

Another popular location is Crescent Moon State Park, which also provides great views of Cathedral Rock (one of the most famous landmarks in Sedona).


Flagstaff Wedding Photography


Outdoor Wedding at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff AZ


Outdoor Wedding Pictures at Lowell Observatory


Wedding ceremony at Lowell Observatory outdoors in front of a rock wall

An outdoor wedding at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff AZ.

Wedding at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff Arizona

An extreme closeup photo of a bride hugging one of the guests at an outdoor wedding in Flagstaff Arizona

Outdoor weddings are best in the summers in Flagstaff

Most outdoor weddings in Flagstaff happen in the month of June.

July and August are also good for an outdoor wedding, but be prepared for afternoon rains.

Spring or Fall outdoor weddings work really well in sedona. 

If your wedding is on a tight budget, consider getting married on a weekday - locations are more affordable during the week and so is your photographer!


Flagstaff Nordic Center Wedding


Outdoor wedding pictures at the Flagstaff Nordic Center

The Flagstaff Nordic Center is a great place for an Outdoor Wedding in the summer!


A wild west wedding at the Flagstaff Nordic Center:

A bride and groom prepare to ride electric mountain bikes to their honeymoon yurt at the Flagstaff Nordic Center

A bride and groom prepare to ride electric mountain bikes to their honeymoon yurt at the Flagstaff Nordic Center



Engagement Photos


Excited bride to be jumps on her fiance when given a surprise wedding ring while on vacation in Sedona

Groom prepares to surprise his girlfriend with a wedding ring




Man surprises his girlfriend by asking her to marry himA Surprise engagement in Sedona AZ




Girlfriend shows off her new engagement ring

This young man decided to surprise his fiancée with a wedding ring while they were on vacation in Sedona.

He hired me to be the photographer for the special moment.  This meant sneaking around so the bride wouldn't see me until after he proposed!

Needless to say, she accepted and was ecstatic! All the other tourists cheered when they realized what just happened!

The location for this shoot was near the Sedona airport with Chimney Rock, Coffee Pot Rock and Thunder Mountain in the background on one side.

In the opposite direction numerous other Sedona landmarks were visible, such as Courthouse Butte, Bell Rock and Schnebly Hill.


Newly enaged couple having their pictures taken outside in a filed of wildflowers near Flagstaff AZ


Engagement Photos in the Wildflowers near Flagstaff Arizona


Engagement picture of a couple dancing in the sunflowers

Engagement photos for a young couple

August Wildflowers in Flagstaff make for a great setting for engagement pictures.

Engaged to be married.

I photographed this young couple posing for engagement photos in the yellow wildflowers that bloom in Flagstaff in the month of August.

The San Francisco Peaks are visible in the background, behind a forest of Ponderosa Pines.

Once again, we took advantage of the great light that happens when the sun begins to set.


About getting married at the Grand Canyon

Be aware that to get married at the Grand Canyon, you need to apply for a permit with the park service.

Lipan point is a popular spot to get married because of the photographic opportunities both up and down the Canyon.

Lipan point is also quieter since tour buses are not allowed to stop there.

However it is only suitable for really small parties, like couples that elope.

If you have a larger wedding party, consider one of the other viewpoints.

Shoshone point is a great spot for a larger group.  It has a bathroom, and covered picnic area. 

For a wedding at Shoshone point, be sure to make a reservation with the National Park Service.

More Info

Grand Canyon North Rim Weddings

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon also has a designated Wedding site with a great view and seating.

Be aware that the North Rim is closed in the winter due to snow.


Adventure Weddings


I am willing to photograph weddings in Dangerous places - like hanging off the side of a cliff, or while river rafting, or just about any

other crazy idea you can think of for getting married.  The funner the wedding the better price I'll give you!

I rarely (very rarely) will shoot an indoor wedding.  However...

If you are eloping somewhere with great scenery, contact me for a great rate.

I chose to live in an amazing place to enjoy the outdoors and I want my art to reflect this lifestyle.


Pricing and Scheduling


Be sure to schedule your engagement photography session far enough in advance to create your pictorial wedding invitations from your engagement photos.


For wedding photography prices see my Rates page and to schedule, please contact me.  I will also travel upon request.



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