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Sports Photography

I photograph sporting events both here in Arizona as well as across the country.

I provide photographic coverage of some of top races and sporting events across the nation both as a freelance photographer and as a photographer for hire.



Pictured above:  Jackson Reynolds riding a Whyte T-129 Full Suspension Mountain Bike on the Wasabi Trail in Flagstaff AZ.

I took this photo with a Canon 6D camera and Canon 16-35 2.8 lens.

Normally I prefer a Canon 7Dii for sports, but in this case, the full frame sensor of the 6D allowed for a wider angle shot.

Additionally the 6D has lower noise at high ISO, which was necessary here since I was shooting at a high shutter speed and smaller aperture.


Sedona Marathon 2015 Photos

Runners in the 2015 Sedona Marathon photographed by Mark Haughwout on a Canon 7d camera

More pictures of the 2015 Sedona Marathon at Action Media


Old Fashioned MTB Race photos 2014

Photo from the 2014 Old Fashioned Mountain Bike race in Flagstaff Arizona
A rider in the 2014 Old Fashioned MTB Race - more race pics here


2014 Mountain Man Olympic and Half-Ironman

Runner in the 2014 Mountain Man Triathlon in Flagstaff Arizona
A runner in the Mountain Man triathlon - Flagstaff AZ - more pics here


2014 Mountain Man Sprint Triathlon

Runner crossing the finish line at the Mountain Man Sprint Triathlon 2014 in Flagstaff Arizona
I was hired by Action Media to help provide photographic coverage for the 2014 Mountain Man Sprint Triathlon in Flagstaff AZ. 

The triathlete in this picture was not one of the top finishers but he sure was one of the most excited to finish!  More of my pictures of the race here


2014 Parowan Half Marathon - Utah

Rachel Haughwout got 3rd place in the 2014 Parowan Half Marathon in Utah
The 2014 Parowan Half-Marathon started in Yankee Meadow and descended 13.1 miles to the town of Parowan Utah.

Pictured is the 3rd place female runner. More Parowan Race Pics

Ironman 2013 - Tempe, Arizona

Picture from the Ironman race in Phoenix Arizona
2013 Ironman in Tempe Arizona

Ironman competitors race a grueling triathlon consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike ride and then a 26.2 mile marathon run. Professional Ironmen finish in about 8 hours. 

All Ironman competitors must be able to finish in under 17 hours.  This year the Phoenix Ironman had almost 3000 participants racing.


Bear Jaw Groove 2013 - Mountain Bike Race

"Bear Jaw Groove" mountain bike race in Flagstaff AZ 2013
12 Hour Bear Jaw Groove Mountain Bike Race in Flagstaff Arizona


Boston Marathon 2013

. Shalane Flanagan running the 2013 Boston Marathon
Shalane Flanagan running the 2013 Boston Marathon
The Boston Marathon was Monday, April 15, 2013. 
Shalane trained here in Flagstaff Arizona for the 2014 Boston Marathon.


LA Marathon 2013

Runner in the LA Marathon 2013
LA Marathon 2013 - a lead runner on Sunset Blvd

2012 Bear Jaw Groove 12 hour mtb Race in Flagstaff

Bear Jaw Groove Race photo from Flagstaff Arizona


Machine Solutions 2012 Run and Walk for Kids

2012 Machine Solutions run and walk for kids at Ft. Tuthill in Flagstaff AZ
2012 Machine Solutions Run and Walk for Kids at Ft. Tuthill, Flagstaff Arizona


SnowBowl Road Climb 2012:

Brian Tinder running the Snowbowl Road Climb 2012 in Flagstaff AZ hosted by Team Run Flagstaff
Brian Tinder - Ultra runner living and training in Flagstaff Arizona. 
Seen here at the 2012 Snowbowl Road Climb with Team Run Flagstaff


Taylor House Ride 2012:

Taylor House Bicycle Ride 2012 in Flagstaff AZ
Taylor House Ride 2012 in Flagstaff AZ


Ojai to Ocean Marathon 2012:

Runner at the Ojai to Ocean Marathon 2012
Ojai to Ocean Marathon June 3, 2012


Other Sports Pictures:

Tuba City Rodeo photographed by Mark Haughwout

Tuba City Rodeo - Navajo Nation Arizona


Rodeo cowboys on a fence
A couple of cowboys at the Tuba City Rodeo


cliff jumper east clear creek arizona
cliff jumper at East Clear Creek - Winslow Arizona


Father and daughter rock climbers holding hands
Rock Climbing is a family affair in Flagstaff Arizona


I am available for all types of sports photography assignments, including sports portraits and team event coverage. 

Please contact me for more information.



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