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Photography Rates - Flagstaff Area:

Headshots $200

Individual Portraits $200

Family Portraits $300

Real Estate - Residential $0.10 psf


Wedding Photography Rates:


First-wedding Elopement Specials:

Grand Canyon Elopement:  $600

Sedona Elopement: $500

*For these special prices, this must be the first wedding for both the bride and groom.  It also must be a true elopement - max 2 guests!

Prices include 2-hours on-location shooting, full resolution JPEGS and no hidden fees or requirements to buy prints.


Other Special Offers:

Photography and Photo editing rates are flexible depending upon the project.


As a photographer, I am always looking for projects that will enhance my portfolio.

As such, if you have a unique photo project - pitch it to me!  I may give you a nice discount!


Wedding Photography Rates

A couple quick questions to help you get the best price:

1.  What date do you prefer? (Satudays are the most expensive)
2.  How many people in your party? (smaller party = smaller price)
3. Time of day (sunset?)
4. Location (indoors/outdoors? exact place?)
5. Is this your first wedding? 
6. What are your wedding outfits?  (note anything unique)
7. Time on the shoot?  (at least two hours is recommended).
8. Include a picture of bride and groom.  (This is required for all quotes and booking)

9.  Are you willing to be featured on this website? (I may offer a discount in exchange for a model release)


Grand Canyon Elopements  Are My Specialty

I love shooting couples that elope, especially at the Grand Canyon

(The canyon makes it easy to push the bodies off the edge after shooting them...)*

Bride pushing husband off the edge of the Grand Canyon (staged shot)

*This service is extra!


Scheduling your Outdoor Wedding/Engagement Photography in Northern Arizona

I am available for outdoor wedding photography in Flagstaff, Sedona, the Grand Canyon and throughout Arizona and Southern Utah. 

I give preference to photographing outdoor wedding ceremonies and outdoor engagement pictures - simply because it is more fun to be outside!

The first couple on Earth were married outdoors!  Just two people in Paradise...  too bad they didn't have a photographer!

However for your wedding, please wear more than fig leaves....


I love working for couples that are eloping (you guys also get my best prices!)

What could be more fun and stress-free than running away to the Grand Canyon to get married!

In addition to photo-documenting the wedding for you to show to your relatives and friends back home, (they will be jealous),

I can help you find the best location to suite your needs, and even provide a minister for a small additional fee.


As a wedding photographer, part of my job is to provide you with graphic proof of your life-long commitment to one another,

in addition to capturing one of the finest, funnest, moments in your life.

If it's not fun, you are going about it the wrong way!

Don't let your relatives (read: mother of the bride) stress you out.  This is your day of celebration!

Laugh, celebrate, and focus on what matters - a man and a woman uniting for life!

It's a good thing! I'll take the pictures, you make the memories...



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