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Sedona Wedding


Sedona Outdoor Wedding Photography

Photography for outdoor weddings and elopements in Sedona


Sedona wedding


Sedona Wedding


Sedona Wedding


Sedona Engagement Photography


Excited bride to be jumps on her fiance when given a surprise wedding ring while on vacation in Sedona

Groom prepares to surprise his girlfriend with a wedding ring




Man surprises his girlfriend by asking her to marry himA Surprise engagement in Sedona AZ




Girlfriend shows off her new engagement ring

This young man decided to surprise his fiancée with a wedding ring while they were on vacation in Sedona.

He hired me to be the photographer for the special moment.  This meant sneaking around so the bride wouldn't see me until after he proposed!

Needless to say, she accepted and was ecstatic! All the other tourists cheered when they realized what just happened!

The location for this shoot was near the Sedona airport with Chimney Rock, Coffee Pot Rock and Thunder Mountain in the background on one side.

In the opposite direction numerous other Sedona landmarks were visible, such as Courthouse Butte, Bell Rock and Schnebly Hill.




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