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Bellemont Tornados:

Tornado hits Bellmont Arizona near Flagstaff

Carlos Rojas and his wife and two small children were in the second story master bedroom when the eye of the Tornado that ripped the roof off their home in Bellemont Arizona passed directly overhead. 

Carlos said the "calm" of the eye lasted about 10 seconds.  He testified to lightening shooting upwards through the eye. 

Their roof landed several hundred feet Northeast of their home. 

Thankfully their children rushed into the master bedroom as they likely would have been killed by large projectiles

in their room including the office door that was torn off by the tornado, flew down the hallway and into the kid's room.  Miraculously the Rojas family had only minor bodily injuries. 

Carlos Rojas has recently returned from two tours of active duty in the Middle East. 

He stated that when the tornado hit the home it sounded like one of the bombs he experienced in Iraq. 

The Rojas family were renting this home and do not have renters insurance. Basically all of their possessions including vehicles were destroyed. 

In addition to the 200 homes damaged in Bellemont, the truck stop, RV center and Burlington/Santa Fe Railroad were hit. 

Several freight train cars were knocked off the tracks. 

The railroad was busy removing the rest of the cars late Wednesday in order to reopen the train tracks,

which carry approximately 100 trains per day on the East-West route through Bellemont and Northern Arizona. 

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Rock Climbing Family

Photo story about a professional rock climber and his family from Flagstaff AZ click for larger photo

What it's like to have professional rock climber for a father.  (click to enlarge - opens in new window)

This is a photo story I did a few years back about a local Flagstaff rock climber who was recently sponsored.


Sedona Film Festival

Photo Story about the Sedona Film Festival click to open full size image in new window
The Sedona Film Festival - Photo Story by Mark S Haughwout (click on image to open full size in new window)



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