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Outdoor portrait of two young girls by Mark Haughwout in Flagstaff AZ


Flagstaff Family Portraits


Outdoor portrait of a young family at Buffalo Park in Flagstaff Arizoan by Mark Haughwout


Outdoor portraits in Flagstaff and Sedona are best taken near sunset for soft warm light as seen in these photographs.

As a portrait photographer working in Northern Arizona, I a well aware of how the weather can affect a photo session. 

In the summer months, monsoons can bring daily rain, however they can also bring a great opportunity for beautiful skies as a

backdrop to your outdoor portraits.  When planning your outdoor family portrait be ready to be flexible for last minute changes in weather conditions.

I also offer indoor family portraits at my photography studio in Flagstaff. 


Portrait of a young couple outdoors around sunset.


Family portraits should not only include the whole family together in one picture, but should also include

separate pictures of the parents and the children.

Professional quality family portraits are great for more than just hanging them on your wall at home.

A good family portrait can also be used for pictorial directories, social media, and every other outlet where you want to look great.

Outdoor portraits in Flagstaff and Sedona can be simply amazing with all the beautiful scenery we can use for photo background.

The natural light in an outdoor portrait looks fantastic and is to be preferred over studio lighting.


  Photograph of a Redheaded woman holding wildflowers outdoors     outdoor picture of two young girls standing in the wildlfowers near Flagstaff AZ


I photographed these family portraits in a field of wildflowers in front of the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, Arizona.

August is the best month for photographs in the wildflowers in Northern Arizona.

Natural light is the best light, but I also use fill flash if the client cannot wait for sunset.


Remember when selecting clothes for your family portrait, that mid-tones are best.  Generally avoid black or white clothing.

In the photograph above the beautiful redhead was able to wear white due to her coloring and the background.

When posing for your family portrait, stand or sit close but avoid drastically leaning in.  Just move your Whole body closer to the photographer.


If your family portrait involves very young children or babies here's a great tip:

Ignore them - that's right, don't pay any attention to the kids, let the photographer do all the fussing to get them

to smile at the camera.  Often the adults in the picture spend all their time trying to get the baby to smile, but when the

baby finally does smile, everyone else looks terrible!  The adults and older children just need to maintain their smiles and poses

and let the photographer or the photographer's helper get the baby's attention.  Trust me - it is so much easier to get a good picture that way.


Flagstaff Baby Pictures


Beautiful young mother and her baby boy laughing together in a field near Snowbowl.  Flagstaff Arizona


This is one of my favorite mother and baby photographs. 

The beautiful young mother suggested the location for their photo session and brought the basket and props for the baby.

Her family helped get the baby smiling while she focused on posing with him. 

This allowed be to take multiple amazing photographs.


Closeup portrait of a lovely young woman and her baby boy Beautiful mother and her baby at sunset near Flagstaff AZ A beautiful young woman and her baby at Sunset in a field


The photos above of the young mother and her baby were captured using a Canon 6D.

I took these pictures around sunset near Arizona Snowbowl. 

Baby photos are best shot by staying at eye level with the baby. 


Family Portrait in the Aspens

 Family portrait in the Aspens near Flagstaff AZ


Outdoor Kids Portraits


Portrait of young boys in the Aspens at Arizona Snowbowl


To schedule your family or group portrait please contact me.



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